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Black Wing // Heat Dust Pre-order Details

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blackwingheat dust Pre-orders for both albums go up July 14th at 1PM PDT at BLACK WING “…Is Doomed” pressing: Black vinyl Olive green vinyl. Limited to 500 copies. Olive green inside cloud 'color-in-color' vinyl. Limited to 200 copies and only sold in Black Wing/Heat Dust bundle. HEAT DUST “Heat Dust” Pressing info: Black Vinyl Olive green inside cloud color-in-color vinyl. Limited to 300 copies Both albums are currently on time for the September 25th release date though delays are possible. Both albums are being released in vinyl and digital formats only. We will also be offering pre-orders for a new pressing of HAVE A NICE LIFE’S “The Unnatural World” (blue colored vinyl), a new pressing of BOTANIST'S “VI: Flora” (new colored vinyl), and left-over Sannhet Tour Shirts.