The Flenser’s Black Friday sale is live now!

    I long resisted doing a Black Friday event because I felt it to be culturally at odds with what the The Flenser does. However, after many years of requests and pressures I gave in in 2015 and put a selection of test pressings for sale in The Flenser store for a limited time. The response was huge and in the years since our Black Friday sale has become a way of ensuring the survival of the label in a landscape that is extremely unpredictable.
    My reservations about Black Friday still exist today, however I’m embracing this time of year as an opportunity to give followers of the label something special. A time that we can give collectors access to sought after test pressings, release bundles, and merchandise.

    Sale goes from Monday to 11/18 through 12/03/19.

    1. Discount code good site-wide except for a couple of items. Use code PLANNINGFORNO at checkout

    2. Test pressings

    3. Mystery Packages – (5LP’s $49, 5CD’s $25)

    4. New merchandise – (Limited Flenser Block Print T-shirt)5. New Flenser Hoodie

    Thank you for your support of The Flenser!